Are You Listening?

The other day, when I was stuck in traffic, I just started to take big deep breaths. I actually put my car in park and closed my eyes and just breathed in and out slowly and mindfully through my nose. It was quite soothing actually, and I felt like it helped minimize my frustration.

And then yesterday, I had carried a pretty heavy bag around on one shoulder, all day. By nightfall, I could tell I had definitely strained my shoulders and upper back. So, I rested on the floor for a bit and then did some light stretches before bed. They felt great and took away the tension. 

I didn’t “think” to do these small acts of self-care. I felt them. My body told me what it wanted, and I obeyed its instructions. I think we get into trouble when we override or ignore the body’s whispered instructions. In these instances, my frustration at traffic could have turned into road rage, or my circumstantial neck tension could have turned into the chronic kind.

I wasn’t always a good listener! Once, these whispers were bonafide screams because my “ears” were not tuned into my body’s frequency. Mindful movement, however, has changed the dial. These days, I hear it all loud and clear. 

So the ultimate wellness question is: your body is speaking. Are you listening?