Are You “Caring For the Self?”

I cringe at the term “self-care.”  I feel like it has been turned into sort of therapy-speak, and can get a little too indulgent for my taste. Like everybody else, I love massages and bubble baths, and sleeping an extra hour and saying no to too many obligations – all are a part of self-care. However, there is way more to caring for the self than that. 

Caring for the self is “in everything.” It’s from what dish soap you use to how you organize your closet. Caring for the self is eating fruits and veggies, pursuing your dreams, getting a water purifier, and getting around people that spark joy and make you feel alive. It’s meditation, prayer, solitude, breath work, and snuggling with a pet. It’s getting educated about health, wellness and happiness. Caring for the self is utilizing movement as medicine, and getting just the right exercise type and dosage daily. 

Ultimately, caring for the self is embodiment. It’s being “in body” and also “in mind” and “in spirit.” It’s feeling, connecting, honoring and experiencing one’s whole self and doing what feels best for it. Caring for the self is 24/7, not just a once in a blue moon spa appointment.

When we view our workouts as a powerful facet of caring for the self, they take on a new sparkle. Workouts are no longer a chore, but a privilege…and they fast track us towards living our best lives. 
xo Ellen