Another Nervous System Post…

As a fit pro/independent contractor, I’ve always worked on Saturdays. And during the week, it’s common for me to have an early morning job, return home for almost the entire day, and then head out again for work in the late afternoon. Usually, I don’t work on Tuesdays, but this week, I’ve got a corporate group that day. You could say my schedule is all over the place!

Year after year, I thought my lack of a work routine didn’t bother me. I honestly don’t know any other way of life, so I’ve got nothing to compare it to. However, I’ve realized it has taken a toll. There is a base-level of stress that doesn’t shake off easily because of it. And all along, and consciously, I’ve counteracted the discombobulation that comes from “being all over the place” with various techniques.  

The first technique: needing more “recovery time” than probably the average Joe.  I stay home at night. I say no to as many evening events as possible. I never “burn the midnight oil” and require a big dose of daily solitude.

The second technique: going big on self-care. I do all the things, like watching the sunrise, taking a nightly epsom salt bath, using lavender essential oil as aromatherapy, et al. They help me restore and rejuvenate, and I’m at the point where I travel with many of my self-care potions and props. (Crystals are in my purse as I type this!)

The third technique: sticking to routine in every other way possible. Doing the same thing at the same time everyday is soothing! Here are some good ones I try to implement:

  • a daily skin care regimen
  • a nightly sleep routine
  • a morning workout routine
  • having the same breakfast (oatmeal with bananas?) everyday at the same time (7am?)
  • using your child’s and/or your pet’s need for consistency and routine,  to “force” more consistency into your life 

But routine or not, just make an effort to support the unassuming, unsung hero that is your nervous system. Frazzled nerves need not occur. 🤗