A Workout Ritual You Should Try

There’s a lot we can accomplish when we are sitting on our mats. We could do a pre-movement chat, have a meditation or intention setting session, or do a breathing exercise. I also think the act of sitting on our mat could be part of the warm-up, where we ground and settle our bodies, and get situated with where we are in space and time. Simple stuff, right? But these simply things aren’t benign. They can really move the wellness needle. 

Sitting on the mat – for 2 minutes or 20minutes – is part of my workout ritual. It’s a time where I feel safe and calm and I just enjoy my environment. It’s a time of simplicity, and in that simplicity, energy gets restored. I’m not napping or lying in shavasana (both of which are wonderful BTW), but rather I’m being and flowing with whatever feels good. I might bring out some crystals or use essential oils, or I might do some energy medicine tapping or position my hands in mudras. None of this burns a lot of calories or strengthens my biceps, but it enhances my sense of well-being none-the-less. One of the biggest boons for my health however is the sense of not rushing.

Give yourself a little bit of time to sit on your mat, pre-movement. Allow it to provide a buffer between your work and responsibilities and your “me time” self-care. See for yourself how restorative simply sitting on your mat can be. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo Da Vinci and I think he was onto something. 😉