A Lion’s Breath

Here we are, on the precipice of 2023.  This tends to be the time of year for simultaneously looking back and looking ahead, and I do think it’s healthy to have some sort of closing ritual and bid 2022 adieu. I’ll watch the sunset on January 31st and wave it goodbye. “Thanks for the memories! That’s a wrap!”

And before looking ahead and focusing on our 2023 goals and aspirations, let’s pause and take a moment to stop and ask, How am I right now? I recommend a short and sweet investigative energy check on ourselves to find the answer to that question. It’s easy to do – just bring your attention to your heart center, and more specifically, to the quality of your breath.  You can bring your hands on your heart too if that helps you connect. What are some adjectives that describe your breath? 

Lots of breathing is tight, frantic, and rushed. It’s indicative of high stress levels. Can you slow it down and soften it? Lots of breathing is shallow, weak and tired. That’s indicative of weariness. Can you deepen it? We might look peaceful and smily from afar, but our breathing tells a different story. It never lies.

Now imagine a lion sitting and relaxing in her natural habitat. Zoom in on her breathing. It’s probably so strong, so present….you might even hear a purr.  That’s the breath we want as we step into 2023. We want a lion’s breath. 

There’s a yoga adage I can’t stop quoting in my classes -“so goes the breath, so goes the body.” It’s just so darn true! Be sure to breathe, unabashedly.  Look to the lion – she’s our breathing guru – and cheers to strength and presence. 2023, here we come… Happy New Year! 🥳