A Deep Bow To Water ????

As I write this, my family and I have had no power or cellular service for over five days. High winds tore through Connecticut and our rural area lost many big trees. The line directly in front of our house has not been tended to by the power company, so we will be playing cards by candle light again tonight. It has been very inconvenient. People can’t reach me and I haven’t been able to email, text or place a phone call unless I drive down dangerous roads that haven’t been cleared to the Woodbury Firehouse, which has become a make-shift charging station that’s over 30minutes away. I realize how spoiled I was with the ease of modern living and will not take safe roads for granted ever again.

Lack of water has been the hardest part. Clean fresh water on demand…what a luxury! From here on out, I will never under-appreciate water. I will always feel extra thankful when a waiter brings water to the table, and I will consider it a big blessing every time I turn on a faucet. We don’t just drink water – we need it for flushing the toilet, washing the dishes, for laundry, for cooking and for showering. As my son blurted out after trying to brush his teeth, “We use water all of the time!”

The affirmation this week is about H2O and is probably the most elementary weekly affirmation to date – I love drinking water, and I drink enough water each day. I think it’s fitting since, for all of us, life has been about getting back to basics.

Drink up. Stay hydrated.
Water is life. Let’s be grateful for every drop!

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