A 2/2/22 Message About Inspiration 💫

You may have wondered how I create each week’s inspiration board, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain my rationale. 
There are some very practical factors, specifically with the workout rotation. For one, I don’t want to have back-to-back weighted workouts. I also don’t want back-to-back seated workouts. Movement variety is important.

Second, a variety in terms of length is nice, so you’ll always see pretty much every duration represented each week. I truly believe 15minutes can be “enough” especially if you’ve been moving every day.

And thirdly, offering a rest day is really saying, “Give yourself room to explore.” I know many of you workout on that rest day or maybe you go to the gym. Maybe your rest day is Sunday, so you swap Thursday and Sunday each week. That’s all good!

There are then lots of intuitive factors. For example, a certain affirmation will be floating around in the ethers, and I’ll just have to incorporate it, or I’ll get a sense that extra cardio energy – with it’s mood-lifting powers – is what the world needs more of that week, so the rotation will be cardio-stacked. 

Can you veer off the recommended rotation? Absolutely! It’s a mere suggestion, and your own intuition should lead your way. The whole purpose of the inspiration board is inspiration. In fact, the whole purpose of Ellen Barrett “Let’s Move” is inspiration!

The key to wellness is staying inspired, and movement and inspiration go hand-in-hand…so let’s go and Let’s Move!