15Minute Workout Combos

At times, a 15minute workout may be enough. Other times, it may leave you wanting more. Here are some of my favorite 15minute workout combos. They’ve got great synergy and they’ll extend your workout to 30minutes while maintaining a sense of invigoration. 

Quick Fix Yoga Mat Work  

activate and warm your muscles, then settle down and stretch 
(equipment: a yoga mat and a blanket)
Power Express + Stretch 360 
get the heart pumping and your body warm, then it’s all about circles!
(equipment: a yoga mat and a light set of dumbbells)
Power 15 Kundalini Glow 
strengthen from head to toe, then fortify your spirit with breathing, mantra and stretch
(equipment: a light set of dumbbells and a yoga mat)
Quick Cardio Sleek Side Body 
squeeze in an easy-to-follow cardio routine then get a concentrated side-body sculpt
(equipment: a yoga mat)
Standing Stretch Quick Tone 
get grounded, centered and aligned, then sculpt using body weight only
(equipment: a yoga mat and a blanket)

I recommended doing the first workout first. I also recommend gathering all the necessary props for both workouts ahead of time. I’m a big fan of joyfulness while working out, so as you set out on your exercise for the day, a nice affirmation is “I’m psyched I have the time to nourish my body with movement right now!” Perhaps it’ll conjure up a bit more enthusiasm, and in turn help you give it your all.  

Let’s Move!