“Root yourself in this earth
and it will root itself in you.”

― Sheniz Janmohamed

Having good balance gets more and more precious as the days go by. From navigating slippery steps to tripping over the cat and catching yourself from falling, balance is just so handy to have in real life. It’s one of the most underrated byproducts of regular exercise. I really do notice that the people who move their bodies on a regular basis have better balance than the ones that don’t.

There are four parts to building better balance – grounding, centering, focusing and aligning. (And it’s a slam dunk when they all happen simultaneously.) Our workout today is Barre Conditioning because it is quintessential balance training. No wobbling with this one as we use a chair as a stabilizer. This 30minute workout is great for rooting down in the stand leg, and for taking movements into big and bold ranges of motion. 

Balance….it’s youthful. It’s movement confidence. It’s a comfort zone expander. It’s something to work on and to covet.

DAY 6 OFF-THE-MAT ACTION STEP: Go outside barefoot. No socks, no slippers, just your bare feet. For some of you, this will be a piece of cake  – you may be near a warm and sunny beach. For others (like me) you’re firmly in sweater season, but if there’s a will, there’s a way! Aim for two full minutes standing on earth. It will very much connect your mind to your foundation and aid in better balance.