Energy, Not Age

People of all ages attend my classes and that’s the way it’s been for years - mothers with daughters, college kids on summer break, retirees with time (finally) and everyone in-between. I’ve noticed that some people can be quite low energy and lethargic, while others are very vibrant and filled with life. The low energy ones, as well as the very vibrant, can be anywhere from 18 or 80 years young. From a yoga teacher's perspective - age is inaccurate.
Sure, age is quantifiable. It’s a number, and doctors and the DMV love a number. And yes, “energy” is vague, but there is no denying it when you feel it in yourself and witness it in others. It's magic.
So go inward and ask, “How do I feel and what does my body need”. This doesn't have to take long and you can multi-task and do it during your workout or meditation session. It's vital info! It's the information that turns you into your own guru, and is precisely why mindful movement, like Pilates and yoga, empowers us - because it is an opportunity to acquire that always-correct, custom-made info. Get the info and trust the info, then do what it tells you to do. You'll very quickly become a member of the very-vibrant-and-filled-with-life-tribe.
It's energy, not age.