Inspiration From Ellen

Be A Naturalist

Go outside. Breathe fresh air. Walk barefoot. Swim in the ocean. Watch the sunset. Pick berries. Play with your dog...connecting with nature is good for your soul and your nervous system. I say, the more natural, the better. The healthiest, most vibrant people I know are naturalist.

Energy, Not Age

People of all ages attend my classes and that’s the way it’s been for years - mothers with daughters, college kids on summer break, retirees with time (finally) and everyone in-between. I’ve noticed that some people can be quite low energy and lethargic, while others are very vibrant and filled with life.

I’ll Have Some Poise With That Workout, Please….

What is poise? The dictionary says it’s a “graceful and elegant bearing in a person” or “a dignified, self-confident manner of being”. I’m always drawn to people with poise and I really love that it defies age, gender, body type and more. Poise is so subtle, yet it’s what makes someone truly attractive.


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